Certified Microbial Consultant with over a decade of experience in finding solutions at your home or business

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Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, Moisture Detection, Quality Assurance for Remediation and Restoration Companies, Asbestos Inspections, Asbestos Testing, Industrial Hygiene Services, Safety Services and more…


we make the correct inspections and find the source of the real problem

Have a water or mold damage issue at your business? Mold Man Solutions can not only find the problem but can bring in the best remediation and restoration companies in the area for the job. This will ensure quality and can dramatically reduce costs of the work performed!

What people are saying about Mold Man Solutions

client reviews and testimonials
  • JT
    Thank You for being so diligent Jason, you saved me $2,000! I had no idea I was being overcharged!
    Resident Metairie, LA
  • Carol
    Jason, I sincerely appreciate your hard work and kindness.
    Resident Denham Springs, LA
  • DJ
    Jason, thank you for all your help with fixing the mold problem. You made my job a lot easier
  • AB
    I’ve never had an indoor environmental professional get me the results so fast, I appreciate it
    Remediation Company
  • M.P.
    You’re so awesome. Thank you so much for helping me with the mold problems in the apartments. You saved us a fortune and got it fixed so quick!
    Property Management Company
  • P.H.
    You are by far the easiest guy to work with. Thanks for being so honest and getting this done.
    Remediation Company New Orleans, LA
  • S.L.
    Jason, I was so worried because I couldn’t afford the prices, to get my house fixed. You helped so much and were truly a blessing for me and my family
    Resident – Port Allen, LA

Certified Microbial Consultant with over a decade of experience in evaluating air contaminants at your home or business!


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