Let the Mold Man Find a Solution for You!

Jason Fontenot


  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
  • Certified Microbial Consultant (CMC)
  • Certified Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
  • Facility Security Officer (FS0)
  • Hazardous Material Technician
  • S. Coast Guard Advanced Fire Fighting Certification

Jason Fontenot, CMC, CSP is a Louisiana native and the owner of Mold Man Solutions who graduated from Louisiana State University Graduate and is a Certified Microbial Consultant and a Certified Safety Professional.

Jason Fontenot has over a decade of experience inspecting for water damage, mold, and lead; performing industrial hygiene work in chemical plants and refineries; and acting as a safety manager in chemical facilities.

A Word from the Owner:

I’ve been told that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. I often thought this cliché was a joke. How could I ever find a job I would enjoy enough to not think of it as work?But after a decade into my careerit become obvious to me it didn’t matter if was giving over 1,000 safety meetings to workers in chemical plants, performing mold inspections in prisons. I didn’t do all this stuff becauseI liked the job, I did it because I enjoyed helping people.

So, it made all the sense in the world forme to start Mold Man Solutions with the goalof helping residents and businesses in Louisiana with their mold issues. I found that the information being spread to business owners and residents about mold was just not accurate. As a result of this misinformation, many residents and businessesspendway more of their hard-earned money than they should to address mold problems. I also recognized non-reputable restoration/remediation companies not only sometimes take advantage of people uninformed about mold, but they were also performing work unsafely and of poor quality.

Picture this. You find mold in your business or residence, and you do what most people would do and Google “mold problem”. You search returnsdozens of companies and maybe all of them have 5 STAR RATINGS FOR SERVICE!So, you pick the first one and give them a call. They will come out and almost always tell you, “Yep, you got a big problem, we’re the ones to fix it.” Oddly enough, you get a quote from them and it is a bit higher than you expected. How much should it cost? You don’t have the time to deal with it, so you listen towhat the “5-Star Expert” is telling you and shell out the cash.

We don’t expect water leaks or mold issues to occur and most people don’t live their lives dedicated to becoming mold experts. Only a few people like me would actually want to spend their lives doing it so much that they would call themselves the Mold Man. So, when the “5-star remediation/restoration company” performs the work they prescribed as necessary and says “Okay, your problem mold is fixed”, how do you know if it was really fixed? If they didn’t perform the work like they were supposed to, how would you know?

Mold Man Solutions can help you answer these questions to make you feel comfortable about what is truly going on in your home and business. Mold Man Solutions’ is independent of the restoration/remediation companies. This independence helps make sure the remediation/restoration companies perform the all the necessary work safely and effectively. This helps toprotect you, a home or business owner, from a company more concerned with taking your money than taking care of you.

Don’t be scared about mold a problem in your business or your house, just simply give me a call. I can answer your questions, perform an inspection, and find the best solution for your problem. And remember, this isn’t work to me, because helping you is what I love to do.


Jason Fontenot, CMC, CSP